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Water rating

Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) scheme

A joint government and industry program



What is a rebate?

A rebate repays the purchaser for part of the money outlaid for a product and therefore reduces the overall cost of the product.

Rebates and WELS products

Rebates are not available under the WELS scheme, however, rebates may be offered on some WELS rated products by local water authorities or governments.

Water efficiency rebates are offered to encourage potential purchasers to buy products which will impact less on the environment. Over their lifetimes, these products will also save money through lower water bills.

How to find out more

Local councils and water authorities may be offering rebates to people who buy WELS-registered products with specific star ratings.

To find out more about rebates that may apply in your area, you must contact your local council or water authority directly. Further information that may apply in your area is available from the Your Energy Savings - Rebates page.


Rebates may be available for Smart approved WaterMark products. These products are not part of the WELS scheme. For more information visit