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Register your products

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Before you sell or offer to supply products regulated under the Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) scheme, you must register those products with us.

Products that must be registered include certain types of:

  • showers
  • tap equipment
  • flow controllers
  • lavatory equipment (toilets)
  • urinal equipment
  • dishwashers
  • clothes washing machines
  • dryer function of combination washer-dryers, where they use water to dry a load.

The WELS scheme excludes second-hand or used products and products imported into Australia for personal use.

Know your responsibilities

Everyone involved in the supply chain is responsible for making sure products are registered before they are supplied. This includes manufacturers, importers, wholesalers, retailers or building developers.

Meet this requirement by:

Anyone can register a product. If you are not the manufacturer, you will need to provide a letter of permission from the manufacturer with your registration application.

You are also responsible for displaying correct water efficiency information with all registered products.

Test and certify your products

Before you register your products, they must be tested for performance and water efficiency in an accredited laboratory.

Check all testing requirements for WELS scheme product registrations.


Plumbing products also need to be WaterMark certified before you can register them under the WELS scheme.

Generally, if you have your product tested for WaterMark, the test report you receive can be used for your application for WELS registration. You will be provided with test reports for each product. Submit these with your registration application.

WaterMark certification is provided by independent certifying authorities. It confirms that the product:

  • complies with the Plumbing Code of Australia
  • is fit for purpose
  • meets relevant Australian Standards relating to product quality, including health and safety.​

State and territory plumbing regulations state that plumbing products cannot legally be installed without WaterMark certification.

Products that require WaterMark certification are listed in the Plumbing Code of Australia and Australian Standard 3500.

Register and renew products online

Use our product registration database to register a product, renew existing registrations, and manage fee payments.

Find out how to register products online.


All registrations have a common expiry date of 22 January each year.

Products not renewed by 22 January will be changed to ‘ceasing’ in our product registration database. Once a product is in ‘ceasing’ mode you cannot renew it and the registration will expire on the following 22 July.

If your product registration expires, it can no longer be legally offered for sale in Australia unless you register it again.

Renewals of registrations must be submitted between 15 September and 5 ​December each year.

New registrations can be made at any time throughout the year. Your registration may be for more or less than a year, depending on the date you apply.

  • If you apply before 15 September, your registration will change to ‘ceasing’ on 22 January of the following year, unless you renew it between 15 September and 5 December.
  • If you apply after 15 September, your registration will be current for an additional year from 22 January.


Registration fees are due 30 days after you are invoiced, or by 22 January each year for renewals.

Manage your registration fees and payments through the My payments section of our product registration database.

Avoid penalties

Supplying products that are not registered with us or are not labelled correctly can lead to penalties under the WELS Act, such as infringements and court action.

Our approach to compliance focuses on educating suppliers, to help you understand your responsibilities.

Avoid penalties by following the guidance available on this website and the advice provided to you during our inspections.