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This section contains the WELS Regulator advice on specific regulatory issues that have been developed in consultation with industry.

If you supply WELS regulated products to other retailers for sale, you must also ensure that this advice is communicated to them.

Should you have any issues or questions please contact our compliance team at welscompliance@dcceew.gov.au

Dual purpose tapware products

21 December 2022

The following advice applies to dual-purpose tapware products that are marketed and supplied for optional installation over a basin or bath. 

These products are supplied with both a flow controller for installing over a basin (which is regulated under the WELS scheme and is the WELS ‘purpose’ of the product) and an aerator for installing over a bath (non-WELS purpose of the product).

The WELS Regulator is putting in place the following requirements:

For WELS product registrants

  • The model name registered with WELS and on the product packaging must have the WELS purpose of the product referenced first - for example: ‘ABC basin mixer/bath mixer’ not ‘ABC bath mixer/basin mixer’.
  • For models registered with WELS that do not meet this requirement - you are requested to submit an application in the WELS product registration database to have the model name amended as soon as possible.
    • This must be done even if the product’s annual registration is not going to be renewed.
    • This must be in place by 21 July 2023.

For WELS product manufacturers

  • The packaged product must be in the form for installation over a basin and must contain the flow controller as the default form by 1 January 2024.
  • The installation instructions must provide clear steps on how the basin product can be changed for use over a bath.
  • If your dual-purpose product does not already have the information on various uses and installation requirements clearly articulated in the instruction, this needs to be updated and be made available to purchasers by 1 January 2024.

For both registrants and suppliers

  • When offered for sale, suppliers must provide clear information to purchasers that the WELS star rating only applies to the product when installed over a basin (before 22 July 2023).
    • You need to update all advertising, print media, electronic and physical display information and other promotional activities for dual-purpose tapware products to present the correct information.
    • This must be in place by 21 July 2023.


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