The functions and requirements of the Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) scheme are established through legislation and associated standards.

Water efficiency standards detail the criteria for testing, rating and labelling products regulated under the WELS scheme.

The WELS standard, and the powers and functions of the scheme, are established through legislation.

WELS standard

The WELS standard is Australian Standard 6400:2016 Water efficient products — Rating and labelling.

Requirements detailed in the WELS standard include product testing, rating, labelling and display, such as information that must be on the water rating label (star rating, water consumption, flow rates).

The WELS standard was updated in August 2016. Changes included a new label design and provisions for registering 4-star showers and 6-star toilets.

Transitional arrangements for labelling requirements under the new WELS standard (Australian Standard 6400:2016) are in place until 21 July 2018.

​​​Water efficiency standard

Product testing, rating, labelling and display requirements are detailed in Australian Standard 6400:2016 Water efficient products — Rating and labelling.

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Product-specific standards

The WELS standard is supported by a range of product-specific standards that set additional requirements for product testing, performance, labelling and display.

Last modified: 9 November 2017