Transitioning to a new standard

Requirements for testing, rating, labelling and displaying products that we regulate under the Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) scheme are now detailed in Australian Standard 6400:2016 Water efficient products — Rating and labelling.

The updated standard includes a new label design and provisions for registering 4-star showers and 6-star toilets.

Transitional arrangements are currently in place to help you meet new requirements in the standard.

Four-star showers (high pressure only)

Transitional arrangements for the registration and labelling of high pressure showers registered on or before 13 September 2016 are provided in the most recent version of the Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards Determination 2013.

These arrangements state that for high pressure showers with nominal flow rates between 4.5L/min and 7.5L/min that were registered as at 13 September 2016, existing registrations and star ratings may be maintained until 1 July 2020. After that date they may only be registered in accordance with the requirements of the new standard.

These products can be registered in accordance with the new standard at any time before 1 July 2020.

Labels and promotional material

Transitional arrangements for label designs were in place from 18 August 2016 to 21 July 2018.

From 22 July 2018 all products must meet the labelling requirements in the new standard, AS/NZS 6400:2016 Water efficient products - Rating and labelling.
You will need to replace the labels on any remaining floor stock.

These arrangements apply to:

  • water rating labels
  • display or promotional material including advertising, brochures, catalogues, display cards, editorials, electronic displays, magazines, online listings, product specifications.

The specifications for the new design are in the Australian Standard 6400:2016 Water efficient products — Rating and labelling.

Benefits of the new label

Labels in the new standard are designed to:

  • be simpler and easier to read
  • improve brand recognition
  • provide more accurate information about the relative water efficiency and consumption of products.

Regulator’s statement

Publication details

Department of Agriculture and Water Resources , 2016

Transitional arrangements for labels and promotional materials were established in the WELS Regulator’s Statement of 30 September  2016.


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WELS Regulator’s Statement: Transitional Arrangements for New WELS Standard, 30 September 2016 PDF 1 208 ​KB

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​​​Water efficiency standard

Product testing, rating, labelling and display requirements are detailed in Australian Standard 6400:2016 Water efficient products — Rating and labelling.

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Last modified: 9 November 2017