Choose products that save water and money

You can choose water efficient products with the help of the Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) scheme water rating label. This can help you save water as well as energy and money.

In 2024, the WELS scheme will save 172 gigalitres of water across Australia or about 18 litres per person per day.

This is equal to filling 68,864 Olympic-size swimming pools or 109 Melbourne Cricket Grounds with water.

The scheme is also on track this year to save Australians over $1.6 billion in reduced utility bills. That’s a saving of about $155 per household per year.


Products covered

The WELS scheme sets the water efficiency for:

  • Taps and showers
  • Toilets and urinals
  • Dishwashers and washing machines
  • Flow controllers

These products must be registered for the Australian market and labelled with their water efficiency information when they are offered for sale.

How to read the WELS label

How to read the WELS label - video transcript (DOCX 19.8 KB)

There are three parts to the label.

  1. The star rating at the top shows the water efficiency of the product. The more stars, the more water efficient.
  2. The water consumption rate in the middle shows the amount of water used.
  3. The company name and the WELS license number are at the bottom. This company is responsible for registering the product.

You can use the WELS product database to confirm a product’s registration status and the water efficiency information.

Small savings with a big impact

By choosing water efficient products, you can reduce your water and water heating bills for the life of the product.

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