Water saving tips

The water rating label can help you if you are looking to buy water efficient products. This includes taps, showers, toilets, dishwashers and washing machines.

You can find a list of models from 3 stars to 6 stars using our product database.

The highest available star rating for products registered are:

  • 6 stars for taps, toilets and dishwashers.
  • 5 stars for showers and washing machines.

By choosing more water efficient products, you can save water, energy and money.

Select the product category and then the star rating that you are looking for in the database. You can then use the products in the selection to find specific brands and models.

If you have a product in mind and want to check its water efficiency, you can search the database. Search by the product registration number, product type, brand or model name.

If you cannot find a specific product, it may no longer be registered or may not meet the Australian standards.

External websites with useful information on water-saving tips

Your Home

Your Home provides a guide to designing, building or renovating homes to ensure they are energy-efficient, comfortable, affordable and adaptable for the future. It includes information on how to reduce water use and recycle water both inside and outside your home.

Find out more about Your Home.

Smart Approved WaterMark

The Smart Approved WaterMark program independently certifies water efficient products and services in Australia. Use the website to help find water efficient products for outdoor use. This includes drip irrigation, soil wetters, turf, rain gauges and more.

Find out more about Smart Approved WaterMark.

The Water Conservancy

The Water Conservancy provides water efficiency expertise to local councils, schools and other organisations. It promotes the mindful and efficient use of water to the wider community. This is done through events, training, performance, audits and more. It also certifies water efficient products and services and provides advice about saving water at home, at work and in the garden.

Find out more about The Water Conservancy.

Water Night

Water Night is an annual event in October led by the Water Conservancy to raise national awareness of water use in Australia. It aims to increase water literacy, help people value tap water and to use it wisely.

Find out more about Water Night.


The National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) provides sustainability measurements for a wide range of building types. The scheme offers water rating assessments that rate the amount of water used and recycled within a building. The water assessments can be used for office buildings, shopping centres, apartment buildings, public hospitals, hotels, residential aged care and retirement living.

Find out more about NABERS.

Related regulatory programs

Equipment Energy Efficiency Program

The Equipment Energy Efficiency Program provides the energy-efficiency star ratings for a range of electrical appliances for sale in Australia. The program’s website can help you to find energy-efficient and water-efficient products. This includes dishwashers, washer-dryers and washing machines.

Products registered under both the Equipment Energy Efficiency Program and the WELS scheme are tested using the same Australian standards. They use the same test results, to make it easier for industry to meet both scheme’s requirements.

Find out more about the Equipment Energy Efficiency Program.


The WaterMark certification scheme is a mandatory certification for a wide range of plumbing and drainage products. This includes WELS regulated products such as taps, toilets, urinals, showers and flow controllers.

WaterMark certified products are fit for purpose, authorised for installation by a licenced plumber and safe to use.

The Australian National Construction Code requires that any plumbing or drainage product listed on the WaterMark Schedule of Products, must be WaterMark certified before it can be installed. It must also be installed by a licensed plumber.

Taps, toilets, urinals, showers and flow controllers must first be WaterMark certified before they can be registered with WELS.

Find out more about WaterMark.

Water utilities

Most water utilities have information on their websites on how you can save water. Your water utility bill will have their website address.

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