How to comply

The WELS scheme regulates the supply of new plumbing fittings (taps, showers, flow controllers, toilets, urinals) and white goods (dishwashers, clothes washers, combination washer-dryers).

Supply includes advertising, displaying in stores and online, selling, gifting, re supplying, exchanging and supplying as part of another thing (for example, new residential buildings).

What you must do:

If your WELS products do not meet these requirements, you may face penalties.


WELS scheme online course

This free 45 minute course is designed help you understand the WELS scheme and how it is helping Australians save water and money.

It was created for plumbers, builders, building designers, developers and others who have a legal obligation under the Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards Act 2005.

It is also open to anyone who wants to learn about the scheme and water efficiency.

WELS scheme online course



Learn how you can save water and money for your clients (cartoon image of a plumber fixing a sink)


How we regulate

We publish information, conduct presentations and answer enquiries to help you understand your regulatory obligations.

Our activities are targeted and our response is proportionate. We choose our response based on risk factors, such as the behaviour and type of non-compliance. We monitor and support compliant behaviour and respond to suspected or actual non-compliance.

What happens if you do not comply

We will take one of the following actions if you do not comply:

  • Administrative measures: We attempt to resolve minor non-compliance. If the response is unsatisfactory, we may issue a warning letter requiring action.
  • Enforcement: For ongoing or major non-compliance, the WELS Regulator may use enforcement without using administrative measures first. Enforcement includes issuing infringement notices, compliance audit notices, remedial action notices, enforceable undertakings and injunctions. We may commence civil and criminal proceedings for some matters. The infringement notice statement page has information on when an infringement notice may be given.

Find out more under penalties.

The WELS Regulator may publicise offences under the WELS Act. This may affect your reputation as the supplier of WELS products.

Further information on how we regulate and what happens if you do not comply is available in the WELS Compliance and Enforcement Policy. This can be found in the download section below.


WELS Compliance and Enforcement Policy (PDF 737 KB)
WELS Compliance and Enforcement Policy (DOCX 970 KB)

If you are having difficulty accessing these files, visit web accessibility for assistance.

2023–24 compliance plan

WELS will focus its compliance efforts across 4 main areas:

  • supply of unregistered WELS products
  • fraud
  • non-compliant labelling and text advice
  • inaccurate or incorrect documentation and information in product registration applications and registration renewal applications.

In addition to our compliance focus areas, we will continue to:

  • respond to allegations of non-compliance
  • actively work with industry to promote compliance with and awareness of requirements
  • monitor suppliers of WELS products
  • detect and respond to non-compliance.


Compliance Plan 2023-24 (PDF 316 KB)
Compliance Plan 2023-24 (DOCX 227 KB)

If you are having difficulty accessing these files, visit web accessibility for assistance.

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