Label and display registered products

​​​​​​If you are supplying or selling products that we regulate​ under the Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) scheme, there are important labelling requirements you need to meet.

This applies to products supplied in a store, online or as part of a new building or renovation.

Water rating labels and text advice help your customers make informed purchasing decisions. Our consumer research shows that:

  • 87% of consumers recognised the water rating label
  • over half of consumers said they use the label when deciding which product to buy.

An update to the WELS Standard AS/NZS 6400:2016 was published in June 2022. Transitional arrangements were put in place for changes in the amended standard to help you meet the new requirements before 22 July 2023.

Know your responsibilities

Everyone involved in the supply chain for regulated products is legally required to only supply products that are registered and correctly labelled with their water efficiency information.

Key participants of the supply chain may include:

​​​Plumbers are also responsible for ensuring products they install meet WaterMark certification requirements.​​

Check product registration status before you buy, advertise, supply or install regulated products. Registrations can expire — ​it is important that you track the registration status of your products to ensure that your stock is still registered.​

If a product is not in our registration database, you can register it yourself if you have the manufacturer’s consent. Find out how to register a product.

Label your products

When you are supplying or displaying registered products, water efficiency labelling must be visible, readable and have a clear and obvious connection to the registered product.

This labelling requirement applies to:

  • advertising (excluding TV and radio)
  • brochures
  • catalogues
  • display cards
  • display homes/suites
  • editorials
  • electronic displays
  • in store displays
  • inclusions lists for building developments
  • magazines
  • online listings
  • product packaging
  • ​​product specifications.

Labelling products with WELS information includes  its star rating and water consumption information. These details are determined through specific product testing and enable consumers to make informed purchasing decisions.

Check the requirements for labelling, displaying, advertising and packaging of regulated products.

Builders, developers and real estate agents also need to meet these requirements when they are​ including products in display homes and building developments.

Avoid penalties

Supplying regulated products that are not registered with us or are not labelled correctly can lead to penalties under the WELS Act, such as infringement notices and court action.

Our approach to compliance focuses on educating suppliers, to help you understand your responsibilities.

Avoid penalties by following the guidance available on this website and the advice provided to you during our inspections.

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