Fees for registration

When you register products under the Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) scheme, you will be required to pay registration fees. Your product registration will not be complete until all fees are paid.

Payment of fees is due within 30 days of your invoice, or by 22 January each year for renewals of existing registrations.

You are responsible for making sure your registration details and payments stay up-to-date or your registrations may expire.

Manage your fees and payments through the My payments section of our product registration database.

Fee structure

Annual registration fees are calculated using a tier system based on the total number of unique models you are registering and have already registered.

If you register new models during the year and move into a higher fee tier, you will be charged a bridging fee. The bridging fee is the difference between your current tier and the new tier.

Check the My payments section of our product registration database for details of:

  • your current fee tier
  • any bridging fees you owe.

Registration fees are GST exempt.

When you submit an application, you will receive an estimate of possible fees. Do not pay this estimated amount as it may change during the assessment process.

Fee tiers
Tier Number of models Fee per tier ($) Bridge fee to this tier ($)
1 1–5 600 -
2 6–10 1,100 500
3 11–20 1,700 600
4 21–30 2,500 800
5 31–40 3,300 800
6 41–50 4,100 800
7 51–75 5,600 1,500
8 76–100 7,500 1,900
9 101–150 10,000 2,500
10 151–200 13,000 3,000
11 201–250 16,000 3,000
12 251–300 19,000 3,000
13 301–350 22,000 3,000
14 351–400 25,000 3,000
15 401–450 28,000 3,000
16 451–500 31,000 3,000
17 501–750 37,500 6,500
18 751–1,000 52,000 14,500
19 1,001–1,500 75,000 23,000
20 1,501–2,000 98,000 23,000
21 2,001–4,000 121,000 23,000

Invoices and outstanding fees

Invoices are issued for all fees that you are required to pay, after an application has been assessed as correct for registration. Your registration will not be processed until you have paid these fees.

Your invoices and receipts are stored in the My Payments section of our product registration database.

When a new invoice is available for you to view, an email will be automatically sent to your registered email address. Please pay on invoice only.

Applications awaiting payment

Some applications will not be processed until you pay fees for another application.

Check if you have applications awaiting payment:

  1. Log in to the product registration database.
  2. Select My Payments.
  3. Select Payment Details.
  4. View any unpaid invoices by selecting the PDF document icon.

You can view all invoices and receipts in My Payments.

Payment options

Invoice payment terms are 30 days.

For renewals only — if payment is not received before 22 January then your current registrations will expire and you will have to create a new application to register these models.

Payment can be made by electronic funds transfer (EFT) or BPAY® (Australian bank accounts only).

Make sure you include the invoice number displayed on your tax invoice (e.g. 300XXXXXX) to ensure fast and accurate processing.

A receipt will be uploaded to your My Payments section after payment has been received and processed. You will be notified by email when this occurs.

Electronic funds transfer (EFT)

Account Name: DCCEEW EFT Settlement Account
Bank: Reserve Bank of Australia
Bank Address: 20–22 London Circuit CANBERRA ACT 2600
BSB: 092 009
Account No: 115859
Currency: Australian Dollars
Sort/Swift code: RSBKAU2S
Reference: Your invoice number

Some banks may charge a fee for international transfers. You are responsible for ensuring that the full registration fee is transferred, including paying any bank fees in addition to the registration fee.


BPAY® is available for organisations that have an Australian bank account. BPAY® is a bill payment service that allows you to make payments directly from your cheque or savings account. You can make your payment by using your financial institution's internet, mobile or telephone banking service.

BPAY® payments can only be made from a registered Australian financial institution that participates in the BPAY® scheme. Check your financial institution's processing deadlines to avoid late payment.

Find out more about how to pay your invoice with BPAY® on the BPAY® website or contact your Australian financial institution.

Product registration database

Make sure products you supply are registered with us.

Login or sign up to our product database to register products, renew existing registrations, and manage your fee payments.​

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