WaterMark certification

​​​​​​Plumbing products must have a valid WaterMark certification before you can register them under the Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) scheme.

WaterMark is a certification mark provided by independent certifying authorities. It confirms the product:

  • complies with the Plumbing Code of Australia
  • is fit for purpose
  • meets relevant Australian Standards relating to product quality, including health and safety.​

Certification is required before a licenced plumber can install plumbing products, in accordance with state and territory plumbing regulations.

Products that must be certified

All products that require WaterMark certification are listed in the Plumbing Code of Australia and Australian Standard 3500.

For plumbing products regulated under the WELS scheme, WaterMark certification is only required where the products are intended for use in a reticulated water system (piped water network).

This includes:

  • flow controllers
  • lavatory and urinal equipment
  • showers
  • tap equipment.

Flow controllers fitted into other regulated products must also be WaterMark certified prior to WELS registration. To register products under the WELS scheme, you can provide either a WaterMark certificate that lists the flow controller separately or a WaterMark certificate that specifies the flow controller as part of the product you are registering.

Assessment and certification

WaterMark is managed and administered by the Australian Building Codes Board​.

Organisations seeking WaterMark certification for their product need to apply directly to Conformity Assessment Bodies (WMCABs), Australian Building Codes Board. Individual WMCABs may have specific application and engagement processes.

Organisations seeking to become a Conformity Assessment Body (WMCAB) should apply directly to Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand (JAS–ANZ).

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