Tracking product registration status

​Everyone in the supply chain is responsible for making sure that products we regulate​ under the Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) scheme are registered with us.

If you are planning to sell or supply regulated products you need to:

  • confirm registration status in our product database
  • meet labelling and display requirements
  • track registration status of products you are currently supplying, to make sure registrations remain current.

It is illegal to supply, or offer for supply, unregistered products in Australia.

Check new products

Before you accept a product from your supplier, check that it is registered by searching our product registration database.

Registration details that must match the product supplied:

  • model name (for all product packaging and in displays when the registration number is not shown)
  • registration number
  • water consumption
  • star rating
  • image of product
  • product type
  • subtype of product.

Confirm the product details you are required to include on the water rating label and in the WELS text advice in Australian Standard 6400:2016.

Search the database using the model name or registration number, if it has been provided.

If the product is not registered, talk to your supplier about who will register it. You can register a product, if you have permission from the manufacturer.

Search for a product.

Check our product database to confirm t​he registration status and water efficiency information for products you are planning to buy.

Audit your stock

Product registrations must be renewed each year between 15 September and 5 December. The original registrant is responsible for renewing registrations.

All suppliers, even if they are not the original registrant, are responsible for tracking the registration status of products they are selling or supplying.

Track the registration status of your products by:

  • searching our product registration database
  • establishing your own internal audit system
  • using our product registration audit template.

Handy tip

Manage your compliance by setting up a product audit and record keeping system.

Select someone in your company to be responsible for managing this system, to help ensure that you meet all registration and labelling requirements​.

Audit template

Publication details

Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, November 2017​​

Use our audit template to help track the registration status of products you have in stock.

This template is designed to help you make sure information supplied with your products match details in our product registration database, including registration number, model name, subtype, star rating, water consumption, organisation licence number, and product image.


Document Pages File size
Audit template for the Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) scheme XLSX 1 40 KB

If you are having difficulty accessing this file, visit web accessibility.​

​Avoid penalties

All registrations have a common expiry date of 22 January each year.

Products not renewed by 22 January will be changed to ‘ceasing’ in our product registration database. Once a product is in ‘ceasing’ mode you cannot renew it and the registration will expire on the following 22 July, unless the product is registered again.​

If your product registration expires, it can no longer be ​legally offered for sale in Australia unless either you or the manufacturer applies to register it again.

Avoid penalties under the WELS Act by making sure you have met all requirements and are actively tracking the registration status of products you are supplying.

​​​Water efficiency standard

Product testing, rating, labelling and display requirements are detailed in Australian Standard 6400:2016 Water efficient products — Rating and labelling.

You can download a free PDF version of the standard by registering with Standards Australia.

Remember to choose 'Web Reader' as the product format to download for free.

Download the standard

Last modified: 9 November 2017